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Crackpots Marine Christmas closing dates.

Crackpots will be shutting its doors on Christmas Eve, opening again on Monday January 6 fully stocked with the best range of cray pots on the west coast, plus all the componentry you need to build or mend your own – bait baskets, rednecks, gaps, ropes and floats. We’ve also got gill nets, octopus hides, and yabbie/marron traps, so if you’re getting ready to go fishing this summer, come and see us first! We’ve also got a couple of freezers full of cray bait, including Burley Bricks. In the meantime, the Crackpots team wishes you a very Merry Christmas, a safe and happy New Year, and plenty of good fishing!


Our delivery of new premium quality crab nets has finally arrived! We can honestly say these would have to be the best quality crab net on the WA coast, and are even a step up from our very popular previous model. These new improved nets are slightly larger, still in the same famous octagonal shape,…Continue Reading

Crackpots Marine – last week of trading for 2018!

It’s Crackpots Marine’s last week of trading for the year! We are open each day this week 8am til 4pm, plus 9am til noon on Saturday 22nd and Monday 24th. We’ve just had another delivery of our premium quality locally made jarrah/pine craypots, so there’s plenty of stock for your Christmas and New Year crayfishing…we…Continue Reading

Fishing gear for a happy new year!

Crackpots Marine is back open for business! Happy New Year to all our customers and friends, we are looking forward to some great fishing in 2018! We’re pretty much a one-stop shop, so come and see us at our O’Connor warehouse for timber and plastic craypots, tippers and winches, crab nets and gill nets, occy…Continue Reading


RED AND WHITE PAHANG CANE $220 A BUNDLE – MAKE YOUR OWN CANE CRAYPOTS! Makers of cane craypots have been showing a lot of interest in our recent delivery of quality red and white Pahang cane. It’s been a long time since it’s been been available in WA, and we’re pretty sure you won’t find…Continue Reading

Pahang cane back in WA!

RED AND WHITE PAHANG CANE $220 A BUNDLE! Crackpots has just received a container load of quality red and white Pahang cane. It’s been a long time since Pahang cane has been available in WA, and we’re pretty sure you won’t find it anywhere else at this price.  Available in a variety of sizes, Pahang…Continue Reading


OCCI SHELTER POTS – THE EASY WAY TO CATCH OCCI Crackpots popular occi hides are rigged and ready to go. If you’re after an easy (lazy!) way to catch occi, the shelter hide is it. Unlike trigger (or active) traps (currently being monitored during Fisheries’ heavily regulated trigger trap trial), there are very few restrictions…Continue Reading


Apart from a few impressive exceptions, crayfish catches have been a bit disappointing over the last couple of weeks, but if you look back at past catches at this time of year, it does make sense.  Traditionally, the spring moult and mass movement of the ‘whites’ kicks off when the ocean warms up, generally starting…Continue Reading


WHICH BAIT IS THE BETTER BAIT TO CATCH CRAYFISH ? The season is well underway, the weather is improving, and we have everything you need for a great crayfish season – a warehouse full of pots, ropes, floats, bait baskets, gaps and lids, and a freezer full of bait. Everybody seems to have a different…Continue Reading


PLASTIC OR TIMBER? Which craypots catch best? Over the past few years we’ve talked to literally thousands of fishermen, and built up a pretty good picture of the pros and cons of plastic craypots. The advantages of plastic craypots are obvious – no rust, no rotting and replacement of battens, no soaking, they’re easier to…Continue Reading